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About Us

Connect.   Inspire.   Grow.

and pay it forward.


We are women who know from experience the incredible power of "together" - of having a community to thrive with. It's why we have a hyper-local focus because we - quite literally - are "in it" together. Not only in mindset, but in the context of the larger community we live and work in. We believe that the way to create positive change in ourselves and the world at large is to start at home. #weWINtogether.


We are the antidote to typical networking organizations and are committed to co-creating with you - the amazing women in the Women's Inspired Network - a place to be seen, heard and supported, a place to shine. We serve as a catalyst for meaningful connection along with unwavering inspiration and opportunities for growth and action taking. We choose to co-create and bring joy wherever we go, while also being comfortable in the really hard stuff... because let's face it, there's a lot of hard stuff. We are women who choose to come ALIVE - as fully as we can muster each and every day because the world truly does need more people who've come alive. 


Ultimately, everything we do is about paying it forward and giving back to the community. We are an entirely volunteer run organization that creates exceptional monthly events for our members, partners and sponsors to not only make a positive difference for every one of us involved, but that also generate funds to support area high school senior women who've chosen to extend their educations. 


All the good WIN brings to our membership creates a lot of good for others. Together, we're creating ripples that can turn into beautiful waves. Together, #weWIN. 

Our Story

Our story is your story.
Every single woman here - members, sponsors, guests, the WIN team itself - has a powerful story to tell and to live into. 

We're co-creating that story each and every day and thankful we get to do it together. 

Our Sponsors

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Coming soon! 

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